Audi A3 or VW Golf?

News flash! In case you weren’t aware Audi and VW are the same company. Much like Toyota and Lexus, one is the people’s car (literally) and the other is the premium version. When it comes to their ranges, they generally all share the same chassis, similar engines and interior trims. Whether you buy a VW Golf/Bora/Jetta, Skoda Octavia, Audi A3/A4 or a Seat Leon/Toledo they’re all the same car. 

VW and Audi are the more premium brands of the 4 and it is generally here you find the question, A3 or Golf? We have been lucky enough to try 4 variants of these cars thanks to Hypermotive, to help you decide whether the people’s car or the 4 rings are for you.

VW Golf – Standard trim Mk7 2013
I have been in every version of a Golf. From the Mk1 to the Mk3 each had their own uniqueness but from the Mk4 onwards you noticed the accountants started to get involved. The basic levels were very basic, and the premium models were noticeably different. Only the later generation Mk7 feels more premium on a base spec but it doesn’t come at a basic price. Even though the cabin is a nice place to be it feels cheaper and built for a purpose. Great on the roads and nice to be in, a quality car. 

Audi A3 – Standard trim 2015
If you compare the early editions of the A3 against the Golf, there wasn’t much between them. If anything, the bogo basic version of the A3 was naff compared. That has now changed and in 2015 the A3 feels like a premium car to be in. You can tell more time has been put into designing the car and making it feel and look different from the rest of the pack. The seats are better, the plastics are quieter and have real design and driving area is clean and sleek. You also gain a bigger grin on your face as you feel more chuffed with yourself for owning it. 

VW Golf – GTD Mk7 2013
The hot hatch started with the GTI and a few years on we have the GTI, GTE and GTD depending on your fuel type. All offering that hot hatch feeling of more power and more performance. The GTD is the diesel version which means lower revs but higher torque. In the cabin the layout is the same with premium sports seats, better trim and a nicer place to be. When you get out of this car you don’t have a grin from it being premium, you have a grin from the thrill of driving it and knowing you have this performance at a reasonable price. 

Audi A3 – S-line 2013
Now this is where the disparity happens between the two brands. There is no comparable model to the GTI/GTD/GTE in Audi’s range. We go from the S-Line (which is a trim pack) to the S and RS models, which are very quick and very expensive! If you can deal with a drop-in power then the S-line provides that sporty feeling with the S seats, flat bottom steering wheel and premium interior. Making it an amazing place to be. Even though it doesn’t have the performance of the GTD, you could easily remap this car and experience the same power. 

The Golf is a fantastic car and always will be.