Improve your cars performance and increase fuel efficieny with EDT

If you have owned a car long enough you know that a service is quite vital to your cars smooth running. Depending on your service, it could be just a simple oil change, all the way to a cambelt swap! Important as a service is, it does not clean your engine. 

Oil, over time, will leave deposits through the engine restricting your performance. Consider your own body, eating junk food will clog your arteries causing you to slow down. By clearing the junk and eating healthy you breathe new life in and run smoother. This is where EDT steps in. 

Under pressure an environmentally friendly cleaner is pumped through the engine, getting into every part of the engine. The cleaner gently lifts away sludge, varnish and debris which is passed back through a clean filter to catch the nasty bits. After the process has finished, fresh oil is added to your car and a new filter fitted. Essentially this is half of a basic service but not only do you benefit from clean oil you also gain:

Better fuel economy
Reduced emissions (perfect for diesels)
Power increase
A better maintained engine

Since having my Skoda Octavia vRS Mk2 Petrol cleaned I have noticed a much better throttle pickup and petrol lasting an extra week! Whilst writing this blog we also took the opportunity to film the process to show you just how quick and easy it is.