Mot changes and you. What you need to know for 2019.

In 2018 the law changed around MOTs to ensure cars become safer for British roads. If you read the
news there has been a lot of speculation around what this is and how it affects you. We decided to
talk technical with Danny the owner and master tech at Hypermotive to address customers main

Diesel cars for the scrap heap.
Diesel gate is the current hot button topic. Diesel cars, after being recommend buying them it has
now been discovered that they are poisonous to the environment. This may be so with older
diesels but with more modern versions, especially fitted with the DPF (diesel particle filter) this isn’t
so. Granted, even modern diesels can fall foul to their emissions they are still not going to fail their
MOT instantly.

If your diesel car does fail on its emissions, we highly recommend trying EDT. For a
small cost it is guaranteed to reduce emissions and hopefully result in a pass. If this still doesn’t help
you may need your DPF changed. This is higher end of the scale but a clean or a replacement
should see your diesel car pass.

Removal of DPF
As mentioned above, a clogged DPF could result in a fail. The replacement cost for this can be
around £5k! Making it very tempting just to bypass the DPF. It is now an instant failure.

EGR valve
The EGR is designed to recirculate gases from the engine to help reduce emissions. Popular to
remove but is now an instant failure.

HID lights are an instant fail.
This has always been a grey area but as of 2018 this is an instant fail. Found fitted with no headlight
washer this will fail your MOT. With brighter bulbs and even LED options available HIDs are a thing of
the past. Prior to your test Danny recommends removing these and replacing them with off the shelf,  more efficient bulbs.

Engine Management Lights (EML)
Engine Management Lights can appear on your dash for all sorts of reasons. They can be something simple or something major. For 2019 your car will need this to be cleared. Prior to you MOT Hypermotive can scan your car and clear this light. IF you have had an EML for a while we highly recommend getting it checked. With a simple diagnostic check, Hypermotive can help find out what caused it and offer a fix. 

These are the most common changes that affect 90% of people. If you want to know more information we suggest calling the team on: 01202 531077 or alternatively book your car in online:

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