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Hello all!

My Name is Damian. I work for Blades Media. We are a digital specialist who help local business get online results. This maybe through professional photos, video, design or in this case, blog writing!

We have been appointed by Hypermotive to be their independent reviewer of used cars and me as their official reviewer! Our aim is to give honest opinions on the stock and services they have, with our results not to be skewed by brand or business loyalty. All this is being put in place to help you make an honest opinion on where you should get your car serviced, FAQs designed to help you make smart choices and car information which will help you buy your next car (even if it is not from them).

What qualifies me to write these reviews? For nearly 10 years now I have worked in all areas of the automotive sector from garages to forecourts, painters to wrappers. You name it I have been there! I have also worked with many different cars including daily drivers to million-pound supercars and one-off special edition models. Some might say I have the experience for the job.

To make the reviews of our cars equal we have chosen a local route which includes smooth roads, rough roads, speed bumps, inclines, tight spaces and fast roads. Over a 3-mile distance these cars will experience some of the normal driving conditions you will experience during your ownership. Making our reviews close to real life as possible.

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